Creative Power: VSA Wisconsin’s Traveling Exhibition


  • Roy Bedward

    acrylic screen print
    2013 Adult Award

    "When Roy is painting, he feels at his happiest. Art is real for him, it is a way of communication and a way to show how much joy is in his heart."

  • Alyssa Bell

    Bowl of Fruit
    paper and pastel on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    "I like art because it is fun. I made a bowl of fruit."

  • Taryn Benthein

    Taryn Benthein
    acrylic on canvas
    2014 Youth Award

    Taryn paints with many tools using her hands and feet. Taryn signed her painting with her thumb.

  • Sarah Bergstrom

    Bird on Roof
    Acrylic on Canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "I create art because it relaxes me and makes me feel good. I believe birds can lift people’s spirits up when they sing. When a bird flies, I think of being free and seeing the world from way up high."

  • Laron Birmingham

    Circle of Color
    tempera collograph
    2013 Youth Award

    "Laron works with texture and form in an expressive and playful manner."

  • Sam Brickman

    acrylic on canvas
    2014 Young Adult Award

    Autism presents many challenges for Sam, but through his artwork he finds a means of self-expression and a sense of serenity. Sam translates his ideas into ordered, highly visual interpretations.

  • Benjamin Clark

    Parts of Me
    pastel on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    "I like art because I enjoy painting. I think drawing is fun too. My favorite things to draw are found in nature. My inspiration for this is me."

  • Pita Daniels

    acrylic on canvas
    2015 Adult Award

    "Art has helped through life challenges."

  • Jack Dillhunt

    Green Bay
    The Happenstance Interview
    Pen and ink/ digital graphics
    2014 Adult Award

    "Every event that one experiences in one’s life is linked in endless ways to other events, people, places and things."

  • Jordan Ellenbecker

    Self Portrait
    digital artwork
    2015 Youth Award

    "Jordan used more than 100 selfies taken on his IPad. Jordan says he likes to take pictures of himself wearings masks and dressing up"

  • Arianna Giffore

    Green Bay
    Digital Dogs
    acrylic on canvas
    2013 Youth Award

    "For Arianna, art means that she can express how she feels through drawing and painting pictures that she imagines. Just like these digital dogs."

  • Jerome Glenn

    It's a Flying Hover Craft Vehicle Landing on Water
    acrylic and mixed media on canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "I was trying to make a pattern with the background and colors. I learned how to shade. I didn’t know how to shade before but now I know more.."

  • Joyce J. Gust

    oil paint and collage
    2013 Adult Award

    "The idea of flight and transcending the human condition is a repetitive theme in my work. I always look to the sky and see infinity."

  • Fulton Damm

    Spring Flowers
    2015 Adult Award

    "Art means clay, painting and drawing. I picked the colors because I like them."

  • Sean Iwinski

    Blue Centipede
    ink on paper
    2014 Youth Award

    Sean used a foam roller verses a traditional brayer and took time to exlplore roller and paint before he used them on paper

  • Lisa Limberg

    Woven Vase
    2015 Adult Award

    "Lisa started at the bottom and made her way to the top!"

  • Bridget Kowalski

    The Flowers in a Vase
    acrylic on board
    2013 Young Adult Award

    "Art teaches me about what I didn't know before. I create for myself and others to enjoy"

  • Barb Priem

    mixed media drawing
    2013 Adult Award

    "Barb paints using expressive colors and repetitive shapes. Her series of buildings are mostly made up of reds, oranges, and greens, standing out from the blue and white sky."

  • Ryan Retzlaff

    Ryan's Art
    mixed media
    2012 Adult Award

    Ryan loves to make art and it's very difficult to pull him away from his process. He shares, "I like my art. I like it!"

  • John Dennis Ryder

    Bark at the Moon
    ink print from carving
    2014 Young Adult Award

    "I like to bring out my expression, fun to do to create different stuff. The inspiration for my print came from the song “Bark at the Moon"

  • Kristiana Shiko

    Dream Wedding Cake
    acrylic on canvas
    2012 Young Adult Award

    Kristiana is a very focused young artist. She finds inspiration in colors, animals and dreams.

  • Sterling Solberg

    La Crosse
    mixed media drawing
    2013 Youth Award

    "I was trying to make a pattern with the background and colors. I learned how to shade. I didn't know how to shade before, but now I know more."

  • Dan Stace

    acylic on canvas
    2012 Adult Award

    Dan loves to make and sell his art. He also loves sports and fishing. Dan says he creates art because it feels good. "I like it," he shares.

  • Katherine Suazo

    My Waterfall
    mixed media
    2012 Youth Award

    "Art means to be creative and relax. I like to create art for others to enjoy what I have enjoyed creating. I love the sound and sight of waterfalls and created my vision using my artistic ability."

  • Dan Sullivan

    Hatched From Fence Posts
    carved wood
    2012 Adult Award

    "Being cracked, splintered, and rough-edged does not make a weathered fence post useless. These things only add to its character. Perhaps this is how those of us with disabilities need to be perceived. Once given the opportunity to adapt, we each have the potential to evolve into a work for art."

  • Mai Thao

    acrylic on canvas
    2013 Youth Award

    "Mai uses bold, thick brushstrokes, placing each color next to another in organic compositions."

  • Michaela Toth

    Star Prairie
    No. 4
    Acrylic on Canvas
    2014 Adult Award

    "Artistic expression is my dear friend. She is my shoulder to cry on, trickster to laugh with and mentor to urge me forward"

  • Brittany Vernoski

    Bird on a Stick
    acylic on paper
    2012 Youth Award

    "Art means beautiful thing to me. I chose the bird because it was pretty."

  • Torin Wilke

    acrylic on canvas
    2013 Young Adult Award

    "Darkness is an animal that lives on Earth. He crunched the star in the painting. I chose black, orange and brown because I love these colors."

  • Stasia Wilson

    Joseph Kony and the Invisible Children
    oil on canvas
    2013 Adult Award

    "Often, I paint subject matters that move me emotionally. Oil painting keeps me motivated and it assists me with coping with life's roller coaster. I hope my pieces communicate to you my deepest sorrow and my overwhelming joy of being alive."