Art Center Clases

REGISTRATION is open for the VSA Art Center classes MAY/JUNE 2019. Sign up for Visual Art and Music and Movement classes for adults, ages 16 and up, offered on weekday evenings. Click HERE.

Arts Explorations Classes – Hour-long classes are offered throughout the year. Sessions range from 5-10 weeks. Adults with disabilities ages 16 and older will explore the creative arts through classes and workshops in visual art, movement/dance, drama and music. Classes are taught by professional teaching artists and each session has a unique array of classes. Join us for ceramics, visual arts including watercolors, acrylic painting, mixed media, sculpting and photography. Our music and movement classes including drumming, singing, stretching, dancing, students explore a large variety of music styles and instruments, props and much more!

Open Studio – A studio class in two-dimensional media for adults with an interest and passion for visual art. Classes are 1.5 hours in length and are self-directed with a focus on individual creative development and expression. Participants may present selected artwork in an annual public exhibition.

Vets' Art Studio – Military Veteran? Tell your story through a wide range of artistic media in this studio class. Create solo and/or collaborative projects in watercolor, mixed media, sculpture and more. Let your imagination soar! Contact Jenn Sluga @ 608-264-5342 to confirm eligibility.

ArtSparks Workshops – VSA Wisconsin offers 1.5 and 3 hour programs to individuals and groups interested in exploring one or more artistic disciplines. Programs can be custom-designed to meet the needs of a particular group.

Art Center Policies

For more information, please contact VSA Wisconsin: vsawis@vsawis.org.